The firm

Fernando Fernandes Advogados is deeply carved by the 55 years of law practice of its founder, Fernando Tristão Fernandes, who has always valued the combination of criativity and inovation in order to solve cases, as well as the unconditional loyalty to the client.

Our ability to reach valuable results in high complexity cases comes from this culture. In addition to that, we have a talented team, composed of people who get along perfectly well.

Our business area comprises the defence in criminal proceedings of administrative nature (p. ex.: police inquiry) and criminal lawsuits (first and second instances, as well as the Supreme Courts).

The main office is located in São Paulo city and we have offices with their respective teams in other two cities: Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, which allows us to offer a complete and fast service in case of emergency. Our team attends all over the country, frequently in the Northeast and South regions.

Our expertise in high complexity cases is easily perceived. Our work at the Superior Court of Justice and at the Federal Supreme Court has brought to life various leading cases.

Due to the qualified work of our firm, a lot of important contributions were given in order to build up the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of Justice, such as: the first precedent that declared the unlawfulness of the evidence derived from environmental recordings (2001); the annulment of a criminal lawsuit against a mayor, due to the unconstitucionality of the maintenance of the jurisdiction when the person no longer occupies that post (2006); the lawyer′s right of accessing the records of a secret investigation led by the Federal Public Prosecutor (Ministério Público Federal), one of the leading cases that gave birth to the binding precedent nº. 14 (2006); the denial of an extradiction due to the lack of description of the criminal behavior of the extradited (2007); the refutation of a money laundering criminal lawsuit, due to the fact that there wasn′t a previous crime (2013).
At the Superior Court of Justice, Fernando Fernandes Advogados can mention many triumphs that have become leading cases in the criminal area and it is worth to mention some of them: the first precedent that declared the unlawfulness of evidence derived from wiretapping, due to the "break of the chain of custody" (2014); the main precedent the declared the unlawfulness of an evidence derived of a warrant for search and seizure at a law office (2010); the impossibility to charged someone of reckless management when there is no description of the acts of management (2005); one of the firsts precedents that declared the unlawfulness of a criminal evidence derived from a wiretapping that investigated a tax crime, when the tax isn′t duty constituted at the administrative level (2006); atypicality of the crime of smuggling when the tax isn′t duty constituted at the administrative sphere (2010); the unlawfulness of the evidence against parliamentarians when there is an offense to the jurisdiction (2010); the impossibility of equalization, for criminal matters, the private citizen to the public servant, before the edition of a law dedicated to this theme (2009).

Besides those valuable contributions at the Supreme Courts, there are so many others at the first and second instances, in many regions of the country, that has allowed a quick legal solution to the clients′ criminal matters. For instance, our firm succeeded in one case that has become the precedent regarding the atypicality of the crime of trade when there is no price impressed on the the tickets. This victory was enable to keep the legal certainty of the contracts that involved billionaire commercial obligations regarding World Cup 2014.

Over the years, Fernando Fernandes Advogados has acquired the expertise when it comes to huge police operations, that, inevitably, generate moments of serious crisis to the big national and international companies. Under this scenario, we believe it is crucial to give a quick diagnosis, evaluate the problem and make decisions, in order to protect the freedom of locomotion and the patrimony of the people, as well as the regular operation of the legal entities involved.

Lawyers are society´s mechanism for protecting the individual.

Tristão Fernandes

São Paulo

The office in São Paulo occupies the 14th floor of a building next to the MASP, located two blocks from the Federal Regional Court, which is the appeal court for the states of São Paulo and MatoGrosso do Sul.
The office design is similar to that of the Rio de Janeiro head office. Both are technologically integrated with dedicated Internet cables linking the telephone and computer networks.

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Rio de janeiro

FERNANDO FERNANDES ADVOGADOS has its main offices in Rio de Janeiro in a strategic location in the business center of the city, opposite the State Legislature building and very close to the State Court of Justice and the Federal Regional Court, in a building named after the famous legal expert, Cândido Mendes.
The 400-square-meter office features modern architectural design and is both welcoming and functional, ensuring the client confidentiality and discretion that are essential prerequisites of a criminal law practice.

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FERNANDO FERNANDES ADVOGADOS has offices in Brasilia where it has won, throughout its history, important victories in the Supreme Court and High Courts. The Brazilian capital is the city in which all federal causes are resolved. Its Federal Court even has jurisdiction as a court of appeal in several states (Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Bahia, Distrito Federal, Goiás, Maranhão, Minas Gerais, Mato Grosso, Pará, Piauí, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins).

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